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    As of 2020, almost 4% of U.S. homes have solar panels installed. By 2024, expect the yearly capacity of solar energy to increase 5 times and by 2030, solar investments will reach $321 billion.    If these statistics aren’t enough to show you that solar energy is the future you may miss the next evolution in technology. Luckily, the best time to invest in solar is now because it is affordable and accessible.  Need more convincing? Check out these top […]

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    Did you know there have been over 130,000 solar panels installed in the U.S. since 2007? And that number only continues to rise as more people see the value in getting solar energy for their homes or businesses. Luckily, as solar becomes more popular, the price to get your own solar panel unit is also dropping, making it the best time to make the switch.  Get started by knowing these 5 things before installing solar panels on your property.  1. […]