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    You’ve probably seen rooftop solar panel installation on a neighbor’s roof or passed by a solar unit next to an office building while driving. And you might be wondering what this might look on your home or office. The truth is that every solar unit looks different because it accommodates all kinds of structures.  However, there is one major decision that affects all solar setups: choosing between solar roof panels or ground-mounted solar panels. Both options have their advantages and […]

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    Did you know that in 2022 the U.S. installed enough solar panels to power 22 million households? Yet, despite its widespread adoption and proven benefits, there are still several misconceptions and myths surrounding solar power. These misconceptions lead many people to hesitate toward solar panel installation. Unfortunately, this means that some Americans are missing out on generating their own energy, saving on their electricity bills, and even banking excess energy that could make them a profit.  At Rising Sun Solar […]

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    Solar energy is at its peak with a combined 2,970 MW of solar capacity installed during 2022 in Maryland and Pennsylvania alone. With the demand for solar rising and the price of solar dropping, now more than ever is the time to make the switch to solar. Luckily, solar installers in Baltimore like Rising Sun Solar Solutions have stepped up to meet the demand by transforming their community with renewable energy.  If you are one of the many people considering […]

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    Almost 19 GW of solar energy capacity has been added to U.S. business sites since June 2022. This is over double the amount of solar GW added in 2019. And a large part of this growth has to do with commercial solar installation. In an era where sustainable practices and environmental consciousness have taken center stage, it is no surprise that commercial enterprises are turning their attention toward alternative energy solutions. Among these, solar panels have emerged as an important […]

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    If you want to support clean energy and save money on your electricity bills, but you don’t have a suitable roof or property for installing solar panels, you may be interested in community solar. Community solar is a program that allows you to subscribe to a share of a large solar array located in your area and receive credits on your utility bill for the electricity generated by your share. Learn what community solar is, how it works, what are […]

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    Did you know that Maryland ranks as the 18th highest solar installer by state in the country and has created enough solar power to generate energy for over 200,000 homes? One of the reasons for Maryland’s solar boom is its incentive programs. If you are thinking about installing solar panels on your home or business in Maryland, you may be wondering how to afford the upfront cost of the system. The good news is that there are several grants and […]

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    In Maryland, residents enjoy an average of 213 sunny/partly sunny days a year. However, one of the most popular questions and concerns among people who want to install solar is still: Do solar panels work without sunlight? Even with so many days of sunshine, this is a very valid question because the sun is the primary source of energy, which you hope will power your home without interruption. But what happens at night and on a cloudy day? Find out […]

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    As of 2020, almost 4% of U.S. homes have solar panels installed. By 2024, expect the yearly capacity of solar energy to increase 5 times and by 2030, solar investments will reach $321 billion.    If these statistics aren’t enough to show you that solar energy is the future you may miss the next evolution in technology. Luckily, the best time to invest in solar is now because it is affordable and accessible.  Need more convincing? Check out these top […]