Solar Loan

At Rising Sun Solar Solutions, we be believe solar energy is for everyone. That is why we off more than one solar solution with affordable solar loan options. Contact us to discuss our payment plans to get you solar ready in a flash.

What is a Solar Loan?

A solar loan is a financing option to help you get your panels installed as quickly as possible. The best part about a solar loan is that you will own your panels as soon as they are installed. You make monthly payments to slowly pay off your loan, making it an affordable option.

What to Expect With a Solar Loan

  • 1

    Qualify for as low interest loan

  • 2
    Pay $0 downpayment
  • 3

    Apply for solar incentives

  • 4

    Get solar panels installed by our professionals

  • 5
    Make monthly payments
  • 6

    Qualify for installation and manufacturer warranties

How Does a Solar Loan Work?

Just like any other loan plan, you have to qualify for the loan and use your financial history to determine your eligibility and interest rate. We try to make this process as seamless and as available as possible, offering some of the lowest interest rates possible.

Unlike a leasing option, you own your solar panels as soon as you sign the contract and have them installed. You won’t have to wait until your loan is paid off to qualify for the federal tax credit or other local solar incentives.

Benefits of Solar Loan

Solar loans in Maryland and Pennsylvania make going solar available to all homeowners and small businesses. You don’t have to sacrifice solar energy and unit ownership or miss out on incentives that save you money. Plus, low interest, monthly payments are offset by the money you save on your energy bills.

  • Own Your Solar Panels and Energy
  • Gain Access to Solar Incentives
  • Start Earring SRECs (Solar Renewable Energy Credits) and Use Net Metering

  • Begin Saving on Your Utility Bills Immediately

Are you ready to apply for a solar loan?

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