Solar Plans

Our goal at Rising Sun Solar Solutions is to transform communities by making solar accessible and affordable for everyone. Check out our solar plans for Maryland and Pennsylvania to get started on your path to energy freedom.

Your Path to Solar Energy Ownership

We offer two ways to go solar that both lead to the complete ownership of your solar panels. Choose between paying for your solar unit upfront or work with our financial institution to pick a solar loan that fits your monthly budget.

Customized Solar Plans

Your property and your energy needs are unique. So, why would your solar plan look the same as everyone else’s?

At Rising Sun, we assess your site and utility usage so that your solar unit is made accordingly. By doing so, we reduce energy waste as well as money.

Not only does this make your solar unit run at its optimal performance, it also lowers the risk of paying for solar panels that you don’t need.

It’s a win-win-situation for becoming energy independent with the right amount of power generation and for your pocket by keeping costs to a minimum.

Ready to choose your solar plan?

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