Published On: January 30th, 2023Categories: General

As of 2020, almost 4% of U.S. homes have solar panels installed. By 2024, expect the yearly capacity of solar energy to increase 5 times and by 2030, solar investments will reach $321 billion.   

If these statistics aren’t enough to show you that solar energy is the future you may miss the next evolution in technology. Luckily, the best time to invest in solar is now because it is affordable and accessible. 

Need more convincing? Check out these top 4 advantages of installing solar panels for your home here. 

1. Produce Your Own Energy

Imagine if you didn’t pay for your electricity, rather you created it and powered your home for free. You don’t have to be very imaginative because this is a reality with solar for your home. 

By installing solar panels, you own the equipment and the energy you produce. With the right amount of panels and backup batteries, you could produce enough power to light your home, heat your water, and charge your electric vehicle.

2.  Reduce or Eliminate Energy Bills

Most people considering solar ask the question: What are the benefits of solar panels? And most people who have them will answer: to save money. 

When you generate your own energy, then you won’t have to rely on utility companies. This means that you could greatly reduce or even eliminate your electricity bills. 

Using the average utility bill of $125, you could save about $1,500 a year by going solar — a lifetime savings of roughly $25,000 to $33,000. Your home solar unit could eventually pay for itself.

3. Receive Tax Rebates and Incentives

Other benefits of solar panels that also save you money are tax rebates and incentives. If you are considering solar, then you need to read about your local government’s incentive programs. 

For example, Maryland solar incentives include clean energy grants offered to residences with solar panels installed on their home. On a federal level, the government gives a 30% tax rebate to homeowners with newly installed solar panels.

These programs make solar for your home even more affordable.

4. Store Excess Renewable Energy

The benefits of solar energy far exceed monetary gains. They also contribute to a renewable energy initiative. 

The sun will always be available, so you won’t have to rely on non-renewable resources like gas or nuclear energy to power your home. 

By creating and storing renewable energy, you become independent and self-reliant. Plus, the sun is a clean energy source that doesn’t require extraction. It is easily accessed, absorbed, and stored for later use. No other energy model is more efficient than solar. 

Getting Started With the Benefits of Solar

The advantages of solar make the decision to make the switch simple. Your next step is to find a solar provider near you. 

At Rising Sun Solar Solutions, we make the process of getting solar for your home as easy as enjoying its benefits. 

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