Solar Incentives

Your solar system financing isn’t complete without this major piece of the puzzle. There are solar tax incentives in Maryland and Pennsylvania that make installation affordable and profitable.

What Are Solar Incentives?

Solar incentives are government-funded or locally-supported programs that encourage people to go solar. The incentives help communities reach green energy goals by making it easier and more affordable for home and business owners to install solar panels.

Types of Solar Incentives


You may qualify for several tax credits and exemptions when installing solar. This includes a federal tax credit and other possible state credits applied when you file your taxes. Some states may offer property tax exemptions and other tax breaks like a portion of the sales tax on your solar system.


Reimbursements checks are another way to save on solar installation. Rebates are issued after the completion of the solar project and will cover some of the cost. These rebates are issued by your local or state government and will depend on your location.


There are two ways to make money off of your system. You can apply for and earn SRECS (Solar Energy Renewable Credits) that can be sold on the SREC market after your unit hits a qualifying margin. Or you can use your excess energy to sell back to the grid for credit, which is called net metering.

Federal Tax Credits are at there highest but won’t last…

Federal Tax Credit from 2022 to 2032: 30%
Federal Tax Credit from 2033: 26%
Federal Tax Credit from 2034: 22%

Solar is more affordable than you may think

With so many opportunities to save on your solar panel installation and your energy bills as well as make money off your solar system, it never has been a better time to switch your power source.