Solar Purchase

Making the switch to solar is a big decision, that is why we work with you to find the fastest and most convenient way to pay for your panels and installation. Find out how you to get set up in no time with a one-time payment.

What is a Solar Panel Purchase?

A solar panel purchase is when you pay for your unit in full at the time of signing the contract. This includes one payment amount that gives you complete ownership of your solar system.

If you are looking to purchase solar panels in Maryland or Pennsylvania then you want to find the best deal. At Rising Sun, we over competitive prices because we keep our operations small. You won’t need to pay for extra labor—only the essentials—to make your solar installation fast, affordable, and efficient.

What to Expect From a Solar Purchase

  • 1
    Pay for Solar Panel Installation Upfront
  • 2
    Complete Installation Permits
  • 3

    Apply for Solar Incentives

  • 4

    Get Quick and Instant Solar Panel Ownership

  • 5

    Qualify for Installation and Manufacturer Warranties

Solar Panel Benefits

Buying your solar unit upfront is the fastest way to enjoy the benefits of solar energy. We can begin installing your unit right away and you can start saving on your energy bill without having to pay any interest. This is the best investment option for installing solar in Maryland and Pennsylvania as you can quality for incentives in the current tax year.

  • Own Your Solar Panels and Energy
  • One-Time Payment Only

  • Start Earning SRECs (Solar Renewable Energy Credits and Use Net Metering
  • Qualify for Solar Incentives
  • Start Saving on Your Utility Bills Immediately

Are you ready to purchase your solar unit?

Get a free, customized quote for your home or business and let’s get the solar energy flowing.